Texas Museum of Fiber Arts

Meet Texas Museum of Fiber Arts Board of Directors


The Texas Museum of Fiber Arts (TMFA) was created to foster education and creativity in fiber arts expression, experience, and appreciation.

This innovative museum exists to generate and promote artistic expressions in fiber arts of all kinds by exhibiting works of Texas artists and art made by Texans.  It will promote and advance fiber arts with educational activities and touring exhibits placed in selected venues throughout the state.  In addition, TMFA will work collaboratively and network with the many fine existing museums and institutions and fiber arts organizations.

It is a museum without walls, rather than a collections museum.  It exhibits three dimensional works of textile and other natural and man-made fibers on tour throughout the state.  TMFA will exhibit in banks, offices, lobbies, stores, parks, etc.

Educational classes are available for those wanting artistic experiences and skill enhancement.  Ideally, the instructions will be free to participants and when possible, materials and equipment may be provided.

Artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts are invited to participate in creating exhibits and locating sites centrally available to viewers.  Frequent movement and maximum exposure of exhibits is a requisite.

Essentially, we are taking art to where Texans work and thrive.  The benefit to Texans is exposure to fiber arts collections on tour, a network of art events, and educational activities promoting and perpetuating the art, science, engineering, and craft of fiber arts.


Board of Directors


Carol F. Ikard, MA

Founder | Chairman | Executive Director
Austin, Texas


Carol Ikard, Executive Director of the Texas Museum of Fiber Arts, has a venerated interest in the fiber arts and loves the feel of yarn alive in her hand. She has studied fiber arts and has run to museums to experience the likes of the Unicorn tapestries and the Raphael tapestries of the Vatican museum and many other renowned exhibits in the world.

Reading about another state with a Fiber Arts Museum, she wanted Texas to have a venue for Texans to see the wonderful fiber works by Texan artists and those who work with natural and man made fibers from Texas. She wanted Texas to have a dedicated museum and for people all over Texas to view the fiber arts. So, she began the Texas Museum of Fiber Arts.

Carol’s philosophy is that “Creativity requires you believe and trust it exists in everyone, especially yourself. You may feel creativity is an elusive butterfly and that everyone has a net but you. However, creativity is more than an elusive butterfly. Creativity is the caterpillar of change. Creativity is the slow, methodical caterpillar that has to cross the street. With luck, it won’t be squashed by a Mack truck of a negative remark and will instead be able to climb a mammoth tree and, in time, take gorgeous flight.” To the creation of the museum, she has applied this philosophy.

Meg Wilson

Vice Chair
Austin, Texas

William “Tudey” Teten

Temple, Texas

Nicole Kralj

Austin, Texas

Virginia Hurd

El Paso, Texas